The Anywhere Dog Program

This is the most complete program you’ll find anywhere. We get dogs so they can live life with us. This program can make that dream a reality. In addition to laying the foundation and doing the repetitions to give you a good pup, this program tests your pups skills in the real world. Tell us where you would like your dog to go with you, and we will train them in that environment. You will definitely have the best behaved dog on your block!

Our Most Inclusive Program! If You want To Take Your Dog Anywhere, This Is For You!

The first week your pup learns everything in the house dog program:

  • Manners: No Jumping, No leash pulling, Respecting thresholds, How to behave in the kennel, Ignoring distractions.
  • Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Place, Heel, Recall.
  • Loose Leash Walking - No pulling on walks and increased focus.
  • Proper greeting of dogs and people.


  • Impulse control: Ignoring its environment, while under distractions.
  • Basic Commands Sit, Down, Place, Recall, with elevated distractions for duration.
  • Outings: We will take your pup on outings to proof skills, in real life scenarios
  • Off Leash Freedom: With a little work at home, you’ll have a pup that you can enjoy Off Leash


  • Basic commands are no longer basic! Sit, Down, Place, recall from a distance, around intense real world distractions.
  • Out On The Town! The third week is proofing your pup all over Memphis! Bass Pro, Crosstown, Shelby Farms, Restaurants, Etc!
  • Reliable Off Leash Control: With some practice, you’ll be able to enjoy your pup off leash on hikes and walks.
  • Proper Social Skills: You’ll be able to take your pup to patio restaurants and crowded social gatherings.


We Offer 2 Anywhere Dog Program Options

15 Day

Daily Drop Off

Dog Dropped of (9-10am) and picked up (4-5pm) daily

  • Duration: 15 week days in a row
  • Includes mid training session and two additional private sessions with owner and unlimited follow-up sessions

21 Day

Board and Train

Dog stays with us for training

  • Includes end of stay session and two additional private sessions with owner and unlimited follow-up sessions

Training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. We offer unlimited follow up sessions for any commands and behaviors we cover during training.

Or consider other programs…

Regardless of the program you choose, you will see results. I recommend you look at your goals, look at the amount of time you have to spend with your pup, and start there. You dog will be better with any program you choose.

What Others Say

You guys did an awesome job helping us to better understand Oliver and learning how to get his behavior under control. Because of you guys we now get to enjoy our time with him. He goes everywhere with us now, we were able to enjoy our vacation and include him too. He does amazing at restaurants, stores and we get to enjoy our walks with him now. He loved going to training and he loves the staff, especially Davie!!! Thanks again for all you guys do.
Genna McAlpin
Genna McAlpin
18:02 15 Oct 22
So I have had my fair share of pups in my life and I’ve trained most of them on my own from learning techniques I was taught with my first German Shepherd. That being said I have a “pandemic GSD” who got mouthy with company, never bit just mouthed and barked. I also had a brand new puppy who I wanted as my service dog. The pandemic baby went through a 5 day drop off service and we have had zero issues with friends coming in the house.The service pup, I honestly just didn’t have the consistency to devote to just him (we have 6) so after some personal one on one training he went for a ten day drop off. He is the smartest most well behaved pup and has been a great service to me. I can not recommend West Tennessee K9 enough!!! I have told friends and complete strangers about them and the work that they do. My two and I miss going to training with them!
J Serpe
J Serpe
21:37 12 Oct 22
We can’t say enough good things about West TN! We started our jack at 8 weeks with in home sessions with them.. and when Jack was diagnosed with epilepsy at 15 weeks and formed a bit of fear aggression due to endless drs apts, West TN helped us navigate the training and get Jack back to feeling confident!
Jack loves Terry, Taylor & the whole crew! We would be so lost without them ❤️😊 thank you for truly caring about the pups!
Celeste Bernard
Celeste Bernard
00:42 28 Sep 22
Go home session was fantastic. Trainer (I'm bad w names) was patient with me and my children (mostly me) and gave us plenty of space to ask questions and voice concerns. I'm not confident in my abilities but I felt like they laid a firm foundation for me and my pup. Sitting at home now looking at my "crazy" terrier lying calmly in "place"  couldn't be happier.
Phill Kaltreider
Phill Kaltreider
23:22 08 Sep 22
I signed up for the Shadow Program so I got to see the entire staff working at the facility in addition to going on daily outings with the trainers.This place is organize, clean, structured (for the dogs), and well ran. More importantly they generally care about the animals and the owners. Talking to the owner through out the week (Terry) his entire goal is to make the lives of his client better with their pets.In the full week I was there I got to see 30 dogs. The dogs rotated between the trainers, and are trained with the same methods by all. The dogs are trained, fed, watered, receive playtime, and potty breaks on a regular basis.West TN k9 sets the bar high. It’s a place I would fully trust to send my own pets.
Alan Shade
Alan Shade
04:04 08 Jul 22
My lab puppy Dutton did the 4 day drop off/pick up class this week. He did great. The staff really know what they are doing. Dutton learned so much and on the last day “my” go home training session was wonderful. I learned so much from Davi! Thanks to Taylor for send me a video one afternoon when they were working with Dutton on his counter surfing issue! I will definitely be bringing him back for more training as he gets a little older. Thanks so much. Cindy Addison~
Cindy Addison
Cindy Addison
20:04 17 Jun 22
We found the facility very professional and competent. We found our dog very much improved in behavior and socialism. Thank you for all you did and for his care. He is a totally different dog.We have recommended your service to others.Thank YouThe Kraiss'
Ronald Kraiss
Ronald Kraiss
17:32 13 Jun 22
We had a wonderful experience with West Tennessee K-9! Our family dog, Kerrigan, went for the 3 week board and train program in preparation for her to become a service dog. They kept us updated on her progress daily through report cards, photographs, and videos. The "Go Home" session was excellent. We learned how to transfer the training to our home environment, and Kerrigan is thriving! Kerrigan gets so excited when we put the e-collar on her in the morning. We will definitely be returning as we continue her training as a service dog!
Jennifer Taube Jackson
Jennifer Taube Jackson
21:56 30 Mar 22
We had an excellent experience with Chelsey!I highly recommend Chelsey! She is very professional and has fantastic rapport withOur dog.
Gwen Edmondson
Gwen Edmondson
14:28 30 Mar 22
Loved our experience working with Chelsey to help with our dog reactivity - we did the 3 private session package, and in that short time, my pup has gotten so much better and we feel better equipped to handle him on our walks! Definitely recommend
Hae Weon Lee
Hae Weon Lee
13:38 30 Mar 22
So professional! Amazing trainer. Would recommend to anyone looking for reliable, incredibly knowledgeable and sweet trainer. Our dog loved her, we love her and look forward to using her more in the future. Chelsey is a gem.
Alix Cutter
Alix Cutter
02:41 30 Mar 22
Our pup went through the 3-week board & train at West Tennessee K9. It was easy to get him scheduled and in. They provided us with all the information we needed to feel confident in the expertise of the trainers and the safety of the facility. We absolutely loved receiving the report cards that told us about Rigby's progress and what he was working on. We were nervous we would feel so disconnected from him but we never did because of the updates. Our dog went in with pretty bad protective aggression and anxiety, and he came out a much more confident and well-behaved dog. The trainers made sure we understood all the tools so we could continue his training at home, and answered our many questions. They provided so much information and resources that I believe we'll always be able to find what we're looking for. I highly recommend this facility, and we will continue to use them for board & train when we go out of town. They are professional, thorough, communicative and friendly.
Emily Rooker
Emily Rooker
01:21 16 Mar 22

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