Puppy Training 3 – 5 Months

Have the dog you want, not the dog you have.

  • Is your new puppy frustrating you?
  • Does your puppy focus on everything, but you?
  • Is your puppy destroying your house?
  • Is your puppy making peace in your house impossible?

Puppies are special and they learn differently than mature dogs. We have specialized staff dedicated and trained specifically for puppies.

The puppy stage, birth to five months old, is an extremely important stage of learning. A large part of this time is referred to as the imprinting stage. Basically meaning, since the puppy doesn’t know any behaviors, it’s much easier to teach them. It is up to us, as owners, to teach puppies the right, or wanted behaviors. If we don’t, the puppy will do “normal” puppy behaviors, and grow up to be a rowdy, out of control, adult dog.

Puppy Drop-off Classes - Each class is limited to puppies: $375

Are you unsure of where to start with your new puppy? Are you tired of being a chew toy? Is the jumping and craziness out of hand? Please keep reading!

In this drop off class, we will focus on eliminating bad, unwanted behavior, while molding new, wanted behaviors. The beauty of this puppy program is, you are able to take your puppy home, at the end of the day. The daily drop off classes are held twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and run for two weeks, with a group go home session the Saturday following the last drop off day. The drop off classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drop off is between 8 and 9:30 am, and pick up is between 4 and 5 pm. If you need an earlier drop off, or later pick up time, please ask. We can usually accommodate. The final group class will be held on a Saturday.

Upon drop off, you will receive detailed guidelines, and video links that will set up your puppy for success at home. This material will relieve a lot of the “am I doing this right?” stress you are feeling. This will include potty training instructions, and specific directions on how to manage your pup at home. You will also receive the complete course outline, along with “How-to” instructions, so you can continue the training at home.

In the daily sessions, we will teach the essential commands every puppy should know. These commands are, sit, down, place, recall, and working on a loose leash. Additionally, we will do exercises, such as climbing over and under. This will build confidence. A portion of this class will be, of course, letting puppies be puppies. There will be a puppy social at the end of every class. We will teach the puppies how to properly interact with each other.

To keep up with how your pup is doing, we will video various portions of each training day. These videos will be shared via social media. We do, however, respect privacy and will ask permission before making any videos accessible.

As your puppy learns daily, you can follow along with the written guidelines. These guidelines will help you work with your puppy at home, after the training. If you get stuck no worries, we are available via phone and video chat to help you along.

By the end of this class, you will have the knowledge and know how, to mold your new puppy into the dog you want it to be. A dog’s life is full of transitions, and you will know exactly how to, with confidence, work your pup through every stage of their lives.

In these sessions they will learn:

  • Focus Drills – The pup will learn to focus on you.
  • Confidence Building – A confident pup is a trainable pup. Building confidence also prevents a fearful dog. Fear can lead to aggressive behavior down the road.
  • Climbing
  • Working for Meals
  • Kennel Training
  • Leash Skills – Learning communication through the leash.
  • Beginning Obedience – Sit, Down, and Place (Stay)
  • Door Manners
  • No Biting
  • No Jumping
  • Being calm during grooming

This class will run for 2 weeks and is for puppies 3-5 months old. There is a limit of 4 puppies per class.