Puppy Training 3 – 5 Months

Have the dog you want, not the dog you have.

Puppy Training 3-5 months

Is your new puppy frustrating you?

Does your puppy focus on everything, but you?

Is your puppy destroying your house?

Is your puppy making peace in your house impossible?

Puppies are special and they learn differently than mature dogs. We have specialized staff dedicated to, and trained specifically for puppies.

The puppy stage, birth to five months old, is an extremely important stage of learning. A large part of this time is referred to as the imprinting stage. Basically meaning, since the puppy doesn’t know any behaviors, it’s much easier to teach them. It is up to us, as owners, to teach puppies the right, or wanted behaviors. If we don’t, the puppy will do “normal” puppy behaviors, and grow up to be a rowdy, out of control, adult dog.

Puppy - Problem Solving Phone or Virtual Session $60.00 - $85.00

Are you having problems with your new puppy? One session will change everything! 


What can we possibly help you with over the phone? The answer is, a lot! We train dogs and owners all over the world via phone, zoom and face time every day!

 A lot of dog training is teaching the owners how to manage and communicate with their pup.  During this session we will do just that. 


We will help you with:

Teaching Focus

Kennel Training

Leash Training

Stopping behaviors like jumping, mouthing and biting 

Building confidence


How to teach basic skills like sit, down and place. With this consult you will also receive videos and written guidelines too help you at home.

Each Session is $50.00 for 1/2 hour or $85.00 for 1 hour. 



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Private Puppy Session: $275.00

1 –  One Hour Session and  3 –  Half hour sessions at our facility. 


Here is what your Puppy will learn.


  • Confidence Building – A confident pup is a trainable pup. Building confidence also prevents a fearful dog. Fear can lead to aggressive behavior down the road.
  • Climbing to build confidence 
  • Working for Meals
  • Kennel Training
  • Leash Skills – Learning communication through the leash.
  • Beginning Obedience – Sit, Down, and Place (Stay)
  • Door Manners
  • No Biting
  • No Jumping

In addition to these skills, we also work on your dog’s state of mind. A calm dog makes a happy dog, a happy owner, and reduces stress in the home. Teaching a dog to turn off and ignore the need to investigate, will change the dynamics of your home and your relationship, with your dog.

At your first class, you will receive detailed guidelines, that will set you, and your puppy for success at home. In addition, you will be given unlimited access to videos showing you exactly how to do what we are doing in class. This material will relieve a lot of the “am I doing this right?” stress you are feeling. This information will include potty training instructions, and specific directions on how to manage your pup at home.

*Sessions can be done weekly or bi-weekly.  

This program is for puppies 3-5 months old. Program includes, 1 – One Hour Session and 3 – Half Hour Sessions at our facility. 

A single sessions is $95.00



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