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Private Sessions 

Do you want to join your dog in training?


Is a Board and Train not for you? Do you want to be a part of your pup’s training? Are you hesitant to leave your pup over night?

In addition to our Board and Train, we offer private, one-on-one sessions. The first 4 sessions are done at our facility in a quiet, judgement free environment and your final session will be out in a public setting. Our goal is to meet you and your dog exactly where you are, and help you grow. Regardless of your level of understanding, or your dog’s level of naughtiness, we can help.

Everything we accomplish with our board and train programs we can also achieve with private session. Everything from Sit, Down, Recall, Leash pulling, Jumping, E Collar training, Leash Reactivity, etc. can be taught through private sessions.  

You will see results after the very first session.

Sessions are 1 hour

Basic Obedience 5 Sessions – $775

2  One Hour Sessions
2 Thirty Minute
1 One Hour Session In Public Setting

Training Tools are included in the price of the program.    E-Collar Educator ($200.00 value) – Herm Sprenger Correction Collar ($39.00 value) – 15 foot long lead ($20.00 Value)

Everything is included in this program. There are no additional fees. 

*We do offer this course without electronic E-Collar

Here is what your dog will learn.

No Jumping

Proper Greeting of People

Proper Greeting of Other Dogs

Kennel Manners – No barking, whining in, or rushing out of the kennel.

Food Manners

Threshold Manners – Your pup will be taught to not rush out of doors, or go out before you.

Focus on Handler – We teach your pup to focus on you, not on everything around it.

Walk on a Leash – We teach your pup to walk slightly behind you, on your left side.



Place – Place means, stay in a defined area, until released.

Leave it

Drop what’s in your mouth

In addition to these skills, we also work on your dog’s state of mind. A calm dog makes a happy dog, a happy owner, and reduces stress in the home. Teaching a dog to turn off and ignore the need to investigate, will change the dynamics of your home and your relationship, with your dog.

* All tools are included in the price of this program.



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