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Trainer Training Programs

Are you a dog trainer that would like to grow your business, or are you considering dog training as a career? 

How much would it be worth if you could fast forward your dog training business 5 years? You can! 

Olivia and I have grow our dog training business, starting with zero dollars to a business with high revenue, multiples locations, and many employees in just a few years. Although the dog training business is relatively new to us, business is not. We have owned and operated several successful businesses over the past 20 years. In addition to owning and operating businesses of our own, we consult and mentor  multiple business, and business owners,  not only in the dog training world but in multiple areas of expertise. 

If all you are wanting is to learn the ins and outs of dog training, Terry will impart to you his nearly 30 years of dog training experience. Starting out with working dogs, then because of the increased need, transitioned to pet dogs. These dogs may be pets but they don’t train much differently that working breeds. Terry has, out of necessity, figured out how to simplify and speed up training. 

 This program will allow you to spend time with both Terry and Olivia one on one. Unlike most shadow programs, this program is set up to be a very personalized  experience. In group settings it can be a little intimidating to ask questions and learn. Our one on one shadow program removes that stress. Every session will be in a very relaxed, low stress environment. Whether you are training from home or plan on training out of a facility, we can help guide you in the right direction. This program has quickly become one of the industries leading mentorship and training programs.  Allow us to help you avoid costly mistakes everyone makes when stating out. We can help you fast forward your success!!

These sessions are 5 1/2 days and  run bi weekly. Spots will go fast so don’t wait!!  




Are you ready to jump start your dog training career or improve your dog training business? 


This is a 5 1’2 day emersion program and is completely tailored to each individual. So, look at the the following and see what suites your needs. We can work on them all or just the ones your need.


-How to set up your business

-Advertising Do’s and Dont’s

-How to advertise on social media and google

-How to promote your business locally

-How to create forms to increase sales

-How to create systems

-How to collect money from clients without feeling bad or awkward

-How to run business out of your home

Social Media 

-How to use free social media to get business


-How to create content that people want to see

-What clients want to see on social media.

-Which platforms yield the biggest results

Dog Training and Care 

-We will teach you the basics of dog training and how dogs learn

-Learn how to properly use all training tools

-How dogs learn

– How to speed up a dogs ability to learn to get faster results

-Basic dog care

-How to handle dogs on an outing and in crowds

-Protocols for training

-Protocols for aggressive or problem dogs

-How to build drive

and so much more! I could go on and on! 

In addition to the things listed above, you will get access to all of our forms, training protocols, and videos. Everything we send home with and use to educate our owners. Things that have taken us years to perfect.

Once our time together is finished, our relationship isn’t! Our goal when starting this business was to build lasting relationships with people. We will always be here to help you along your journey!