Frequently Asked Questions

Do we use treats?

YES!!! 98% of the training is reward based. If you use nothing but correction and discipline the dogs will work only out of fear of correction. Always in fear is no way for anyone or anything to live.

We want the dogs to be excited and willing to work for us. Please let us know if any dietary restrictions. We don’t want sick doggies.

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How is WTK9 different?

Frequently Asked Questions I have tried trainers in the past. How are you different? All trainers and training programs are not created equal. Over the years we have tried many different training approaches and training environments. By doing this we have been able to...

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Welcome to Board and Train

Resources Download the Welcome Letter by Clicking the Link: West Tennessee K9 Welcome Letter facebook Youtube Hello, and thank you for choosing West Tennessee K9, for your board and train. Here are just a few things to know about your upcoming training. Board and...

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