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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ecollars?

An Ecollar is just another tool in the training toolbox. You absolutely do not need to have an E-collar to train your dog. It is a personal choice.  

The basic way the collars are used is very low level stim that feels like a tickle on your dog’s neck. Initially we pair this gentle feeling with food and play, so when the dog feels the feeling it looks for a reward.  This tool is designed to communicate with your dog and not hurt them. If the level is too high, it creates a distraction. The dog should barely feel it. If you don’t introduce the collar correctly or hurt the dog with it, the dog will begin to respond out of fear. Working out of fear is bad news for everyone.

We want the dog to be eager to work for us. If the Ecollar is used correctly you will get a wagging tail when the dog sees it. The collar means that the dog get to work and do fun things. This makes the dog happy.

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How is WTK9 different?

How is WTK9 different?

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