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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work with my dog?



We have an amazing staff here at West Tennessee K9. https://wtnk9.com/about/ Each staff member has been hand picked, and trained by Terry. No matter the position held, everyone is trained to handle the dogs.

In addition to Terry and Olivia, we have 5 full time trainers on staff. Terry hand picked, and trained each trainer and staff member.   Each day the dogs are divided evenly between the trainers. Each trainer works with every dog every day. The more people that can handle your dog, the better your dog becomes. Keeping the dogs on a consistent rotation has proven to be the best way to get lasting results. 









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How is WTK9 different?

How is WTK9 different?

Frequently Asked QuestionsI have tried trainers in the past. How are you different? All trainers and training programs are not created equal. Over the years we have tried many different training approaches and training environments. By doing this we have been able to...

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