Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

The answer is yes but it isn’t a simple yes. Aggressive dogs are complicated. These dogs usually have layers of behaviors that we have to peel off one by one. The aggression rehab process is quite long. My, as well as the kennel staff’s safety comes first. All dogs with aggression issues have to stay a minimum of three weeks. You will be sent a video on how to muzzle train your dog. Every dog with history of biting or aggression has to come in muzzled.

We oftentimes see aggression rehab fail when the dog gets home. Each owner has to be 100% committed to change the dog’s home structure and environment. When dogs get reintroduced into the old environment they want to go right back to the previous behavior. If there is more than one dog in the house, both dogs will need training. Both of them may not need a board and train but they will both need hands on training. The success rate significantly decreases with each dog added in the home situation. It is extremely hard to effectively manage more than a couple of dogs in one house. Especially when one is aggressive.

Please keep in mind that what you deem serious aggression may just be leash reactivity or a guarding behavior. Please contact us and let us ask you a few questions to determine if you truly have an aggressive dog. Often times an evaluation is necessary to make that decision.

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