Fear & Aggression

Have the dog you want, not the dog you have.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Has your dog ever bitten anyone? Has your dog bitten you, or a family member? Does your dog go crazy on a leash, acting aggressive when it sees another dog or human? Do you always have to put your dog up when people come over, for fear of biting? Does your dog attack when you get close to its food or toys? Does your dog act scared, for apparently no reason? Does your dog cower and try to escape when people come over? Is it nearly impossible to take your dog anywhere because it is scared and freezes?

This program is designed for dogs that have serious behavior problems; such as dog aggression, fear aggression, human aggression, fear issues, anxiety, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and biting.

Fear and Fear Aggression are two of the most common things we see.

Fear is something a large percentage of dogs deal with. Fear is the primal instinct that a dog uses to survive. It comes down to fight or flight. If the dog can’t flee, it has to fight. The more the dog uses its teeth and other behaviors to make its problems, usually humans, or other dogs go away, the more confident the dog becomes. So naturally, as the dog gets older, these problems become worse and occur more often.

Aggressive behavior is the number one reason dogs are returned to the shelter and put down.

Aggression is often a complicated web of behaviors. Very rarely is it just one thing. Aggression can be a confidence issue, a territorial / dominance problem, or even a genetic defect. Regardless of the cause, it can be difficult to untangle.

As the dog uses aggression, and effectively manipulates its environment, the more confident the dog becomes. Therefore, you will often see aggression build, and aggressive episodes happen more often, as a dog ages or becomes more comfortable in new surroundings.

How We Can Help?

Although these behaviors are much more serious than the behaviors you would normally associate with dog training, there have proven, systematic approaches to solving these, the worst of behavior problems.

The biggest question to ask, “is this problem genetic or behavioral?” After successfully dealing with and solving endless numbers of fear and aggression cases, Terry has become the go to, for fear and aggressions cases. helping people not only locally, but across the globe; often getting cases that have been deemed hopeless by other professionals. His gift for empowering each owner to handle the dog that’s in front of them, has spoken for itself time and time again. It’s important to remember, at the end of every program, the dog has to go home with the owner. The owner will, in fact, have to know how to handle the dog in real life. Our job is to equip you, the owner, to succeed.

How does it all work?

Unlike any of our other programs, every serious fear and aggression case starts with an evaluation session. This session will allow Terry to go hands on with the dog, and determine the best course of action. This evaluation does have a fee involved, but you will gain a new understanding of your dog, the roots of its unwanted behavior, and how to handle it.

It is important to remember that we are not only stopping the bad/unwanted behavior. We are teaching the dog how to respond to the outside influences that, in the past, triggered the aggression or fear response.

What is next step?

The first step is to schedule your evaluation. Terry will need to meet with you either in person, or online, to do this evaluation. To begin the process, please take time to complete the form below. This for will give Terry a detailed snapshot of your situation. After submitting this form, we can schedule your evaluation appointment.


The initial consultation is 85.00 and typically last 30 mins. This is due when scheduling your appointment.


After this consultation, Terry will recommend one of the following programs. He does his best to provide more than one option, knowing not every program suggested, will fit every budget.

Private Sessions - 5 One-on-One Sessions with Terry: $750.00

In these sessions, Terry will work with your pup while giving a play by play explanation, of exactly what he is doing. Very quickly, you will have the leash in your hands, getting the same results. These sessions are very hands on. Terry creates a comfortable, low stress learning environment, for you and your pup. We never shame or blame clients for their dog’s behavior. Here are the things we will tackle during these sessions.

All training is done in a safe, controlled environment. Everyone’s safety, including your dog’s, is our priority. If your pup already knows some of the commands below, we will simply build on them.

Training Tools are included in the price of the program.    E-Collar Educator ($169.00 value) – Herm Sprenger Correction Collar ($39.00 value) – 15 foot long lead ($20.00 Value) 

 Everything is included in this program. There are no additional fees. 

  • Walking, calmly and properly on a leash.
  • Confidence through climbing.
  • No pulling, scanning, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting, to other dogs and/or distractions. (We will have plenty of people and dogs to use for distractions in our training facility)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place Command
  • Recall
  • Interaction with Other Dogs
  • Interaction with Humans
  • Threshold (Door Manners)
  • No Jumping on People
  • Kennel Manners
  • Food Manners
  • Dog Aggression Issues – biting dogs, lunging at dogs, barking at dogs, improper greeting, and social skills.
  • Separation Anxiety
  • High Anxiety/Fear and other issues, due to this state of mind – biting, growling, attacking humans or dogs.
  • Human Aggression
  • Teaching the owner leadership skills with the dog.


Two Week Fearful / Reactive Dog Board and Train: $2,850.00

This program is designed to modify your dog’s behavior, by teaching “not that, but this”. In both fearful and reactive dogs, a lot of the behavior problems stem from lack of confidence. We are working to build the dog up, not to tear it down. It all boils down to effective communication and choices.

All training is done in a safe, controlled environment. Everyone’s safety, including your dog’s, is our priority. If your pup already knows some of the commands below, we will simply build on them.

Training Tools are included in the price of the program.    E-Collar Educator ($169.00 value) – Herm Sprenger Correction Collar ($39.00 value) – 15 foot long lead ($20.00 Value) 

 Everything is included in this program. There are no additional fees. 

The dog will learn the following:

  • Walking, calmly and properly on a leash, for long distances, ignoring distractions.
  • Confidence through climbing
  • Sit with Duration
  • Down with Duration
  • Place Command for Long Durations
  • Recall
  • Staying Calm around other dogs
  • Calm Interaction with Humans
  • Threshold (Door Manners)
  • No Jumping
  • Kennel Manners
  • Food Manners

In addition to these skills, we also work on your dog’s state of mind. A calm dog makes a happy dog, a happy owner, and reduces stress, in the home. We achieve this, through impulse control. Nearly every dog has a problem with impulse control. If something interests them, they go check it out. Whether it is food on the counter, a knock at the door, or the arm of your sofa; it has to be investigated, and usually acted upon. Teaching a dog to turn off, and ignore the need to investigate, will change the dynamics of your home and your relationship, with your dog.

At the end of this program, your dog will be taken into the public, to be proofed, in real life situations. Some, of the places we go, are Main Street in Down town Memphis, Bass Pro at the Pyramid, and pet/feed stores.

This training package includes a one-hour training session, at our facility, at the end of their stay. It also includes a one-hour refresher session, two weeks after their stay. In this session, we will help you brush up, on your training protocols, and address any new behaviors the dog may exhibit, after returning home.

*We will also address any other issues discussed prior to training.

” All training tools are included I this program 


Fearful and Reactive Dog Phone Consult: $60.00

 Do you not have time, or are uncomfortable bringing your aggressive/fearful pup in? 

There is a lot we can do over the phone. We can help you assess your pup based on a few key behavior questions. 

A lot of our evaluation has to do with the dog’s as well as your family’s home life, life history, and behavior patterns. Over the years we have helped a lot of people that we have never met via phone sessions. 

 This sessions will last one half of an hour(30 minutes).